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  • New Product Release – RotoSert Rivnut Cordless Drill Adapter. Save 25 Bucks

    • Super Fast Rivnut/Nutsert Installation

    • Ideal for small Production Runs and DIY

    • Low Operating Torque

    • Use with any Trade Quality Battery Drill

    • Permanently sets M4 – M8 Steel Rivnuts
      M4-M6 Stainless. M4-M10 Alluminium

    • In a sturdy Case with ALL tools & accessories

    • Find out More              Save $25 – On Sale NOW

    MiniSert Pro Rivnut Tools – Australian Designed and Manufactured

    MiniSert Metric

    This Professional Quality product is designed to manually set rivnuts into panels in very confined places, close to walls and between other installed items. Unlike many similar looking products, our unique design holds the rivet nut firmly in place during setting, ensuring a secure crimp attachment to the panel which is critical in avoiding rotation of the RivNut as the bolt is later inserted or removed.  ….More Info

    This video demonstrates Insertion of rivnuts with Austral Tools Minisert, and discusses the importance of securely holding the rivnut during insertion and correct sized pre-drilling.

    Along with the development of our MiniSert rivnut setting tool we have been working tirelessly at sourcing a range of complimentary RivNut setting tools and consumables of a quality and reliability that we feel comfortable supporting, which we are releasing as stocks arrive and in house quality assurance testing is completed.