At Austral Tools we are not here just to make a buck, although you cant blame us for trying.

We also strive to help our customers and others enjoy a pleasant and productive experience from using the technologies embraced by the types of tools and consumables you will find here on our pages and at other hopefully reputable vendors.

We will try as best we can in these Support and Specification pages to provide information which will assist you to 1) Select the right tool for the Job, be it ours or from one of our friendly competitors 2) Provide as much information as we can muster on the application of these tools and technologies, and 3) Spell out some of the strengths and weaknesses of the various technologies, products and sources of these technologies and tools.

Tutorials, Tips, and links to other useful associated data.

User Participation.
You may not be aware just how much value and return there is for all the peoples of this earth from the Open Sharing of Knowledge. It started with Open Source software which put the likes of Microsoft and others on notice and dropped the prices of the humble PC and Phone by hundreds of dollars for all of us. This concept has now expanded to many corners of our experience with the help of the internet – another OPEN project with Blogs and Forums making very useful and vital information available to anybody with a media device.

If you have some in depth experience in the use of the sorst of tools and technologies availiable on our site which you believe would be of assistance to your fellow man/woman, and are willing to pass on your wisdom to others we would greatly appreciate your input via our Blog Page, or in an an article if you wish, or some words for inclusion in these information pages which we would be happy to edit or display at your wish(full credits to the author apply of course).

If you are aware of other relevant sources of information via the internet or in print then PLEASE spend a couple of minutes of your time and let us know via our Contact Page.