Austral Tools stocks a range of Steel and Aluminium body Rivnuts and Setting Tools of Assured Quality.

All Austral Tools Rivnuts and tools are manufactured to our own stringent specifications and batch qualified for compliance with ISO 965 thread depth ensuring reliable attachments of engineering design strength.

The reader would no doubt be surprised to learn, as we were to our dismay, that many seemingly “quality” rivnut manufacturers are blissfully unaware that the depth of the female thread inside the rivet nut plays a vital role in the security of the attachment with the male bolt thread.

For years male and female threads have been made by turning drilling and threading processes which by their nature are precision actions rarely requiring the machinist to worry about thread form or depth. Modern low cost female threads however are formed by extrusion and rolling processes which do not provide any direct control of thread depth.

Because the Rivet Nut internal thread is not drilled and tapped like a precision part but is extruded and rolled to shape, the control over thread depth can vary wildly if not constantly tested and adjusted in production. What is more disturbing is that most Rivet Nut manufacturers do not even check this vital parameter in their post production tests.

Many rivnut manufacturers we approached in our search for a quality supplier did not have any formal quality test procedures and only a few actually tested product with a thread pitch gauge. NONE were even aware that the most vital thread depth measurement (Minor Diameter) specified by ISO965 required the use of a totally separate “cylindrical” gauge and simply assumed that the pitch gauge was all that was necessary.

The same can be said regarding the manufacture of low cost Rivnut setting Tools whereby the same problem arises again to a degree because the threads on the mandrels are not machined but Roll Formed, which if not closely controlled and tested with the appropriate “ring” gauge leads to Undersize thread Tip diameters which are likely to distort or strip the rivnut threads during the setting phase.

Needless to say the combination of a poorly formed and undersized tool mandrel and a poorly formed oversize rivnut female thread leads to severe thread distortion or failure during the Rivnut Insertion process.

Furthermore an oversize female threaded rivnut is incapable of providing a full strength attachment when mated with a standard bolt and therefore can not be relied upon to provide a reliable anchor point.

All Rivnut threads and tool mandrels sold by Austral Tools are required to be formally tested by their respective manufacturers to comply with ISO965 for thread form and depth and inwards goods tested by ourselves for thread depth.

Remember, A substandard rivnut thread will be ok to hang pictures on your wall – just dont bolt your aircraft wings or seat belts on with them!!