Whats Cr6 ??

If you watched the movie Erin Brockovich you may remember the US town of Hinkley which had severe illness and birth defect rates spiraling off the charts which was attributed to a common rust inhibitor compound called Hexavalent Chromium (aka Cr6) which had found its way int local waterways from a local industrial plant.

Many offshore manufacturers still use the deadly Hexavalent Chromium (Cr6) as the rust inhibitor in their Zinc Plating.

Austral Tools specifies the lesser known and slightly more costly Trivalent variant which unlike Cr6, is considered totally safe in normal concentrations, and in fact is a vital nutrient trace element in our daily food intake.

Carcinogenic and reproductive Health effects of Hexavalent Chromiium (CR6) According to the US EPA

In chronic concentrations causes liver and lung degeneration, and in lower concentrations is a strong carcinogen which has been found to cause reproductive disorders, whilst in the environment it concentrates in ground water and is a danger to animals and humans alike.