Quality Assurance Policy

Austral Tools will strive diligently to assure the quality and reliability of all vended product by :-

  • Generating and maintaining technical drawings and specifications for all product
  • Generating and maintaining quality inspection procedures for all products
  • Employing suppliers who conform to Austral Tools quality specifications and requirements.
  • Carry out and document Inwards goods inspection on random samples of all batch supplies.
  • Communicate and resolve any quality breaches with its suppliers as soon as practicable.

Austral Tools goes to great lengths to select products and suppliers which it is prepared to fully support, and guarantees that all products it offers for sale are Genuinely :-

  • Practical

  • Reliable

  • Affordable

In the unlikely event that you have any problem with a product of ours, please contact us and we will remedy the situation as a matter of urgency. No Butts!!