RotoSert-RAM408Rotosert Spec’s and Spares

Limitations and Warranty

Please Note the following

Damage caused by exceding maximum torque settings Voids Warranty

Always use a driver with a settable Toque Limiting Clutch

Drive torque beyond the limits specified above will damage the Rivnut, Mandrel or Tool

Use of Impact drivers is expressly forbidden (rattle guns,  Air wrenches etc)

NM = Torque measured in Newton Meters

Conversion Factors

  • To convert NM to Kg M multilpy by 0.102
  • To Convert NM to Foot Pounds multiply by 0.738

Torque Setting

When setting a Rivnut the Tension required (and hence the driving Torque) has a peak when the body just starts to bulge and again as the body is compressed against the panel.

Note that the setting tension as the rivnut compresses against the panel should be no greater than the tension required to initially bulge the body.

Always use a Drill with a Torque Limiter.

The recommended method of setting the drill/driver torque limiter is to set it just ONE Click greater than the torque setting required to get the rivet nut body to bulge.

Remember – Using Percussion Tools or Applying torque in excess of the Maximum Permitted will void all warranties and may irreparably damage the tool or tear the thread out of the rivet nuts.

Spare Parts

Description        Dwg #      Part #         Cart

M4 Mandrel Set        13,18        RAM408-M4      Buy
M5 Mandrel Set        14,19        RAM408-M5      Buy
M6 Mandrel Set        15,20        RAM408-M6      Buy
M8 Mandrel Set        16,21        RAM408-M8      Buy
M10 Mandrel Set      17,22        RAM408M10     Buy
Mandrel Screw M5    6               RAM408-06        Buy
Hex Allen Key 2.5       –               RAM408-k25      Buy
Mandrel Spring           7              RAM408-07        Buy
Body unit complete  1-12         RAM408-RB       Buy