Warranty and Return Policy

Austral tools acknowledges and hereby advises customers of their automatic rights under Australian law as amended from time to time and as explained on the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission’s web site.

In General this means that product purchased from an Australian business must -:

  • Be safe, reliable, and have no undeclared faults.
  • Be fit for the purpose claimed of it in any corporate documentation or media.
  • Alternatively – Offer the option of timely Repair, Replacement Or Refund.
  • Be supported by a practical spare parts or service regime.

Accordingly Austral Tools offers its customers a guarantee of its best efforts to a Repair, Replacement or Refund (at the companies option) on any product which has a manufacturing defect, does not perform as claimed** or has any other operational deficiency as provided for by Australian Consumer Law.

Note 1 – ** Austral Tools makes no claims for its products other than those made in official company documentation as displayed on its web site under “Specifications” or verbatim copies thereof.
Claims made by users or third parties are purely their own and not necessarily those of Austral Tools.

Note 2 – Before returning any product under warranty the customer should contact Austral Tools to assess and agree on the problem and applicable remedy.


Privacy Statement

Austral Tools has the following data privacy policy where by it –

  • Does NOT collect personal or third party data other than –
    • for the express use in completing a sales transaction
    • as a corporate record of communication with customer
    • as required by Australian law.
    • to provide product information IF REQUESTED by customer
  • Will NEVER collect or share personal data for third party marketing organisations.
  • Complies with the Australian Privacy act 1988