Lever Action tool for effortless setting of larger Rivet Nuts*

  • Austral Tools EasySert is a Lever Action tool for setting Rivet Nuts. This tool is of rugged construction and because of the mechanical advantage of the levers, can easily set large Rivet Nuts in Aluminum or Steel.
  • EasySert is manufactured of high grade steels to Austral Tools specifications by a reliable offshore house, and is supplied from quality assured Australian stock. The active portion of the mandrel threads will comply with ISO965.
  • EasySert is ideally suited to applications where many Rivet Nuts of larger sizes are required to be set and access space is not an issue.
  • EasySert is currently available in metric form covering Rivnut sizes M5 to M10.

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*Also known as –  RivNuts, Nutserts, SheetNuts