MiniSert is a Professional Quality tool designed to set rivet nuts in Confined spaces –  Easily and Permanently

    • Unique design stops rivnut rotation during insertion
    • Slim outline sets RivNuts in very confined places
    • CNC Machined from strong Alloy Steels for durability
    • Quality you can Feel – At a price you can Afford

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  • MiniSert is a single size manual RivNut insertion tool which will reliably and easily set rivet nuts in confined spaces. Unlike many similar looking devices, MiniSert’s unique design precludes rotation of the mandrel with respect to the main body ensuring that the force exerted by the set screw acts on the Rivet Nut purely in tension and therefore when the hexagonal body is held in place by a spanner, precludes any rotational forces. This application ensures that the rivet nut is held securely in place flat against the panel during the setting process and free from any rotation which is the primary cause of loose and unusable rivet nut attachment.
  • MiniSert is manufactured in Australia from strong alloy steels to fine tolerances ensuring a long lasting and reliable tool which is guaranteed  fit for purpose.
  • MiniSert is currently available in single sizes of M4, M5, M6, M8, and M10 and as a Kit including Spanners and Samle Rivet Nuts.
  • Spare Parts and Accessories are Also available.