Plier Action tool for setting smaller Rivet Nuts* & Blind Rivets

  • Austral Tools MultiSert is a conventional Plier type tool for inserting a range of Rivet Nuts. Being a Plier action the force available is limited by the strength and reach of the operators hand, and for all practical purposes this type of tool is limited to use on  Aluminium and smaller sizes of Steel Rivet Nuts.
  • In addition to setting Rivet Nuts MultiSert also sets a range of Blind Rivets and making it both practical and universal for all those small fixing applications.
  • MultiSert is manufactured from strong materials to Austral Tools tight specifications by a reliable offshore manufacturer. The active portion of the mandrel threads will comply with ISO965. This product is supplied from Australian quality assured Stock and is fully guaranteed by Austral Tools.
  • MultiSert Metric suits Rivnuts M3 thru M6 .

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*Also known as – RivNuts, Nutserts, SheetNuts